As a law firm you potentially outsource several office administrative type functions to specialists such as IT or accounting. I was having lunch with a CPA friend and the question hit me, why do we have technology and accounting in different buckets? Then another question, would it be farfetched to think that clients would like to have one company manage certain back office functions, like accounting and IT services for lawyers?

During that lunch we continued the discussion and realized how intertwined accounting and technology has become. And some of the systems my CPA friend mentioned and completely understood were some of the same systems that Wingman Legal Tech has implemented. After all, practice management systems, such as Clio, come with time keeping and billing functions built in, it is a natural handoff to the accounting team. So again, why do we have one company for accounting and another for technology? Surely they should at least be talking to each other to make sure your back office is seamless.

Accounting and IT Services for Lawyers

We decided to partner up and create one bucket that includes technology and accounting. Introducing Wingman Back Office, designed to provide integrated support for the law office – Managed IT and Accounting services keep your office in shape and your financial statements up to date. Connecting employees to the entire office, providing the best tools to be efficient and capture results.

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