• Email Threats and Security

Email Threats and What Your Law Firm Can Do About Them

“Time to go Phishing,” says every hacker in the world. The biggest vulnerability in our systems today are the constant email threats flowing into our computers exposing our human nature. What can I say…we’re human. Hackers know that, unlike machines, humans are emotional beings, which leaves us vulnerable to things like the instant gratification we

For Attorneys, Time Really Is Money – Don’t Lose Out

You’re a good attorney, and you care about the people you represent. Normal for you means coming in early and staying late. Spending extra time researching so you don’t miss the one thing that could make the difference for your client. Developing relationships so it’s easier to make favorable deals. Despite all this, your office

Latest Scam is Targeting Your Clients

A new hoax is making its way through the Internet and targeting your clients.  There have been several reports of hackers posing as law firms through email asking the victim to open malicious files.  One of the lessons learned from this latest hoax is to make sure that your clients understand who they should be receiving