A Showcase and Highlights from a Demonstration

Client Intake Streamlined

When an attorney or office administrator asks us about improving client intake and making it quicker for the staff and the clients, I always direct them to Lexicata.  Lexicata is designed specifically for law firms to help track prospects and then streamline the intake process.  We think this tool is so valuable that we recorded a demo given by Michael Chasin, CEO of Lexicata, where he shows us the power of Lexicata and how it can take away the burdensome tasks to come with client intake and prospecting.

How to Create Intake Forms

Check out a quick snippet from the full demo describing how you can easily create intake forms that will make sure you collect the information needed to properly on-board a client.  In this video Michael shows step by step how easy it is to create a fully functioning intake form that is accessible online making a great first impression when starting a matter.

*At the bottom of this page are more excerpts from the full demo highlighting specific features of Lexicata.

More features packed into Lexicata:

  • Contact & Lead Management
  • Schedule Tasks & Reminders
  • Online Intake Forms
  • Easy-to-Use Form Builder
  • E-Sign Engagement Letters
  • Request E-Signatures

Check out Lexicata for your own firm and let us know if it has a positive impact on your client intake and prospecting.  We are more than happy to make an introduction to Lexicata and make sure you are taken care of.  Fill out the form to get started.

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