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Welcome to Wingman Legal Tech’s Referral Partner Network, where we work together to offer better services and help law firms transition to the next generation of technology.

Our referral partner network is designed to reward partners who send law firm referrals to Wingman Legal Tech.

The legal industry is going through a transition to an office with lean technology and capabilities that in the past only large firms could obtain. Wingman Legal Tech is here to advise these law firms on transition or setup a modern law office so they can securely access their systems from anywhere and streamline their workflows.

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  • Incentives and Rewards
  • Access to Legal Technology Experts
  • Marketing Exposure


The Referral Partner Network is a program to benefit businesses that have law firm clients. The program is designed to enhance your services by providing legal industry expertise and reward you for introducing Wingman Legal Tech to your clients.
If you have a client, preferably a law firm that is interested in improving workflows and eliminating headaches caused by tedious administrative work, such as billing, document management, calendaring, then all you have to do is setup an introduction and we will take care of the rest. It is preferred that we are introduced to your clients formally or that they are made aware of who we are before we engage them.

Once we are introduced, Wingman Legal Tech will take it from there and begin the consulting process to help meet their needs.

When consultation and system setup is complete, for appreciation you will receive a commission based on the consulting fee.

A good referral partner is looking to enhance their services for law firms and get rewarded in doing so. These partners provide business services such as, accounting, marketing, website development, or any other legal vendor that caters to law firms.

A solid referral can have several of these characteristics:

  • This referral is looking to refresh their technology and upgrade their capabilities for lean technology and better access.
  • Breakaway firm that is looking to get a new law office started.
  • An expressed need to improve processes.
  • Frustration with IT costs or technology setup, such as servers and remote access.
  • An IT Director looking to complete IT projects.
  • A medium sized law firm looking to outsource their technology management.
  • Any law firm with software licenses expiring or hardware reaching end of life.
  • Marketing Consultants: we can help by implementing a CRM solution that helps keep track of all the leads your services generate.
  • Website Developers: Enhance your website product by integrating forms that can send data to a law firm’s systems.
  • Accounting Firms: Improve your services by implementing time tracking system that can connect to QuickBooks and legal specific practice management reporting capabilities.
  • Legal Vendors: Become a resource that your customers can use as a well-connected vendor in the legal industry.
  • Enhance your services by bringing in legal technology experts
  • Top qualified referral partners highlighted in our client communications
  • Commission incentives

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