Make Your Work to Home Office Transition Seamless

You’re a modern day lawyer. Practicing and ParentingYou’re rocking a career and parenting young children. Managing your roles between lawyer and parent is going seamlessly… until that day when you’re at home and the file you need is at work; or you’re at work and the file due in less than an hour is stored on your home computer. Frustrating clients or missing deadlines is not the image you want to project. If you don’t get a system in place, you could become Mr. Gru in Despicable Me, trying to Skype a presentation from home while the kids abscond with your PowerPoints.

What if there’s a system that actually does makes your work-to-home office transition seamless? That can even port with you to kids sporting events? If Mr. Gru has his minions, you can have Clio on your side. Making use of the cloud, Clio practice management software can make that “have it all under control” image you want a reality.

The main benefit of a cloud-based system is that you can access it from any device – the data is never tied to any one piece of equipment. For lawyers who are frequently out of the office or working flexible schedules, it’s the answer you’ve been waiting for.

A centralized document management system

With cloud-based document storage, you can be rid of time-wasting version control confusion. No more editing a document at home with that déjà vu feeling, until you finally realize you’re working with an earlier version and the updated version is on your office computer.

All of your client documents can be stored on Clio, saved by client or matter. Even better for version control, Clio utilizes a revision history feature, allowing you to view the changes from one version to another.

Clio also allows you to share documents when you want. Clio works with third-party online storage sites like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box.  For example, its unique integration with Dropbox makes the document sharing process seamless. Gone are hours spent trying to download large documents or being unable to send them because they’re too big. You can quickly and easily give clients access to documents, no matter where you are.

Efficient time tracking and billing

Tracking your billable hours becomes harder if you’re not sitting at one desk all day. If you’re away from the office frequently, or working a flexible schedule, it’s a challenge to consistently track your time. If you manage to get your time scribbled somewhere, the next problem comes at the end of the month when you need to gather all the myriad scribbles together so you and the firm can get paid. Clio’s time tracking and billing system allows you to track your time with any of your mobile devices, where it can be neatly sorted by client and matter each month.

Saving emails to client folders

If you aren’t convinced yet, this feature might seal the deal for you. Nowadays, so much casework is handled via email with your clients or other attorneys. So you’re left scratching your head trying to remember what day you emailed that case that you found, frantically searching through your Sent Folder. Understanding how important emails are now, Clio has a feature allowing you to BCC all of your outgoing emails to Clio, where – wait for it – Clio automatically sorts the emails by matter. So when you send that important email from your daughter’s soccer game, it will be waiting for you, in the client file, when you get back to your work or home office.

Working flex time is a great way for attorneys with families to be there for their kids, but it also presents a challenge to stay organized. Using a cloud-based document management system like Clio could very well leave you more organized than you were before. That’s the pay off. If any of your bosses or clients had raised an eyebrow at your flex hours, your increased productivity and seemingly effortless ability to stay on top of things could win them over.



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At Wingman Legal Tech, we highly recommend utilizing Clio to help you practice law from anywhere. On average, Clio users save up to 8 hours per week…something your kids would really love.

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