This is a question I get asked a lot, “how does my law firm generate business online?”  It seems like there are several takes on using the internet for a law firm and at times it can be a tough nut to crack because there are so many variables involved. These variables include what type of law you practice, what is your sales cycle like, or what is actually feasible and worth your time. There are so many mediums right from social media, online advertising and blogging/content development. Extending to online PR, search engine optimization, and now Pokémon Go (which surprisingly is already in my Microsoft Word spellcheck as I write this).

What I like to do is break things down into simple, easy-to-digest blocks of information. Hopefully, you like that too, because we’re going to host several webinars on this topic (Pillar 1: Internet Presence) and will breakdown the pieces to show how it applies to today’s law firm.

Our first block on information on Internet Presence is how to generate business online by using online advertising.  We’ve invited Jared Warner of to show us exactly what law firms can do today to generate business online

Jared is going to show us what has worked with his clients and give us some of his best tips.  A part of Jared’s job is to keep a close eye on Google’s latest advertising rules and understand how it effects his clients. Believe it or not, these rules change all the time. These rules alone could make a difference between paying $500 or $2000 for a small campaign.

We will also cover:
  • How to get found and where to advertise
  • Strategies to get clicks
  • Turning clicks into customers
  • How to track & measure ROI

Law Firms interested in learning how to generate business online should join us on August 11th at 11am PST

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Coming soon:

Ethical Considerations of Technology
A look into your ethical obligations when adapting new technologies.

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