About Wingman Legal Tech:

As technology changes so does your client’s expectations.  They are expecting quicker communication, unprecedented access to data, and your staff is also expecting the same thing too.  According to Lawyers.com, one of the top complaints about lawyers is failing to communicate with the client.

Thus, we see an opportunity for law firms to embrace new technology to enhance their services.  We also realize that embracing new technology doesn’t happen overnight and can feel daunting at times.  When there is a new journey, it’s always best to go with someone who’s been there before…and that is where Wingman Legal Tech comes in.

We wake up every day to work with law firms that want to embrace the next generation of technology and guide them through that journey. Our team is made up of diligent planners and experienced technology strategy advisors. We are always learning and testing to see what the future has in store for the legal industry.

We do our best work with IT departments, IT Companies, and law firm leaders to integrate modern applications into their current environments.

Wingman Legal Tech is bringing law firms into the next generation by:

  • Transitioning to cloud technology
  • Increasing productivity through seamless automation
  • Using modern data management for better reporting and a better understanding of your firm’s performance
  • Streamlining day-to-day work flow processes with practice management systems and applications that fit your unique needs.

The centerpiece of this transformation is the advent of advanced software & cloud applications built specifically for law firms. We work with and train IT departments, IT companies and law firm leaders to integrate modern applications into their current environment.