Lemon Law Group is a law firm that specializes in helping consumers recover after purchasing automobiles with manufacturer defects, hence the name Lemon Law Group. It’s no surprise that their phones ring off the hook with consumers wondering if they truly purchased a lemon. All these calls take time and they needed a way to manage all of this information to filter through the legitimate cases, and to keep track of all of them after they signed on.

Other factors:

  • Lemon Law Group has staff of 15 involved with client intake, so the system needed to be easy to use.
  • Lemon Law Group has multiple locations, so setup needed to be lean and simple.

They came to Wingman Legal Tech to solve this issue and they have been happy ever since.


The first problem to solve was to help them manage the large amount of calls they were receiving and figure out a way to organize the sales funnel. The second problem to solve, how to manage all those matters once they past the screening process.

The solution was made up of 3 pieces – Pipedrive to Clio using Zapier.

With Pipedrive’s ease of use and customization features, Lemon Law Group was able to create the exact sales pipeline they needed to screen their calls and keep the funnel flowing.

Once a prospect was qualified and retained, the customer information was automatically sent to Clio where a new matter record and contact record was created to manage the matter from that point forward. The data transfer is as easy as clicking a button, totally automated thanks to Zapier.

With the help of Wingman Legal Tech, Lemon Law Group was able to connect the two different tools and create an intake process that satisfied their requirements.


We followed up with Lemon Law Group about a year later to see how the workflow was working for them, and they seemed very satisfied. Here’s what Aaron Todd, of Lemon Law Group, said when we asked: “The software has not only met our needs, but that it also makes our continuing growth as a law firm easy, smooth, and seamless. We see no need to change anything as we continue to grow, now have 16 full time, and 2 part time employees.

Lemon Law Group now has a system that:

  • Is easy to use.
  • Requires no local technology investment or hardware maintenance.
  • Just works.