• Legal Conferences for 2016

3 Legal Conferences in 2016 You Don’t Want to Miss!

  After you’ve been to a handful of legal conferences, it can feel like you’ve been to all of them. You can’t pass up the networking opportunities, so you buy the ticket, but halfway through a 4-hour class on the same legal topics you’ve heard a dozen times, you’re wondering if the trip was worth

5 Blogs For The Modern Lawyer

  Below are our favorite 5 blogs for the modern lawyer.  These blogs are known for useful information, insider tips and the latest in legal technology. 1)   The Lawyerist Specializing in solos and small firms, The Lawyerist has been around since 2007. This blog has a huge spectrum of relevant, informative articles ranging from

Why We Recommend Clio

At Wingman Legal Tech, we’re big fans of Clio, and for good reason. We’ve seen Clio help our clients drastically improve their productivity, freeing up entire days’ worth of work every month.  When we ask our clients what they like best about Clio, here’s what they say: The Benefits They don’t have to hunt around

Latest Scam is Targeting Your Clients

A new hoax is making its way through the Internet and targeting your clients.  There have been several reports of hackers posing as law firms through email asking the victim to open malicious files.  One of the lessons learned from this latest hoax is to make sure that your clients understand who they should be receiving