Breakaway Firm StrategyAt Wingman Legal Tech, we’re big fans of Clio, and for good reason. We’ve seen Clio help our clients drastically improve their productivity, freeing up entire days’ worth of work every month.  When we ask our clients what they like best about Clio, here’s what they say:

The Benefits

They don’t have to hunt around for things. Clio allows them to store all of their documents, hours, and clients in one central place, so they no longer have to worry about misplacing physical files and having to search for them. Those who used to write down billable hours and notes in the margins of legal pads and other places are thrilled that Clio gives them the ability to enter all of that information in a single place. Now they don’t have to worry about losing out due to a missing scrap of paper.




Monitoring progress is easier. Not only are they able to assign tasks through Clio, they can more easily monitor progress to have a better idea how long something is going to take and make sure they plan accordingly. It allows them to better plan their schedule – both long-term and short-term.


No more time wasted uploading and downloading. Clients who used to complain to us about all the time they lost just trying to send or download large files are huge Clio fans. Why? Since it’s a cloud-based system, they don’t have to worry about this anymore. Every file lives on Clio’s secure cloud, and when they need to access it or edit it, they simply open Clio and do what they need to do. And if someone else needs to see it, there’s no need to email it – they just give them the desired level of access to see the files that they need.


Working “together” can happen anywhere. Lawyers are all very busy people, so getting several of them together can be a difficult task. So many clients love the fact that Clio allows you to give multiple staff members access to the same document or project so that they are all able to work on it and see each other’s input without ever needing to physically be in the same place.

They make better use of their time. Clients who were prone to forgetting things at the office tell us that Clio is a godsend because everything is always available on the cloud no matter where they are. Those who used to schedule time every week to work on their calendar, record their billable hours, or invoice are fans of the way Clio lets them do all of these tasks from their phone while they are out and about. Not only does it help keep everything straight, it lets them free up those times on their schedule for more important tasks.

Time-tracking is easier. Clio features an advanced tracking system that allows you to instantly initiate time tracking from any device, then sort your tracked time by client and matter each month. This makes it a lot easier to record time and generate bills.

The Bottom Line

You won’t know until you try it for yourself. Clio’s cloud-based management system has allowed our clients to drastically increase their productivity and stay on top of their work with a graceful effortlessness.  Here at Wingman Legal Tech, we recommend trying out a seven day free trial to see if Clio is right for your firm.

What About the Other Practice Management Solutions?

We get asked this question a lot.  There are several solutions out there and some of them are very good, but we feel that Clio is the leader and innovator in the practice management space.  We take pride in working with the best solutions, and Clio is the best.  Don’t just take our word for it, Clio is the only vendor that both the SDCBA and CalBar recommend to their members, along with 30 other state bar associations, the ABA, and ALPS Insurance.