Below are our favorite 5 blogs for the modern lawyer.  These blogs are known for useful information, insider tips and the latest in legal technology.

1)   The Lawyerist

Specializing in solos and small firms, The Lawyerist has been around since 2007. This blog has a huge spectrum of relevant, informative articles ranging from how to guides in starting your own firm and proper use of social media. Take a look at this one-stop shop and you won’t be disappointed.

2)    Dennis Kennedy Blog

You’ve probably heard of Dennis Kennedy but you may not know about his blog. His posts may not come often, but they’re always worth the wait. A leading expert in the world of law technology, Kennedy has great advice for lawyer’s living in a technology age.

3)    Above The Law

Above The Law is a breathe of fresh air because it’s the perfect mix of serious and fun. This blog has a big team behind it, and it shows. Their contributors are never timid to take a stance and they all write about relevant, modern topics. There’s a wealth of new content created every day, so there’s always something to learn over at Above The Law.

4)    LawSites

Behind LawSites is Robert Ambrogi and its remained among the most popular law technology blogs since its creation in 2002. LawSites is a great resource blog, specializing in the latest in technology and social media. Check out his blog for reviews and invaluable personal insight.

5)    The Law Insider

The Law Insider has a huge following and is one of the loudest voice in the Legal Tech industry. Its been creating great content from the start, so there’s a wealth of knowledge stored in its archives. If you’re trying to get familiar with the Legal Tech field, definitely start here.

Are we missing any?

If we missed your favorite blog, let us know in the comments.