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For Attorneys, Time Really Is Money – Don’t Lose Out

You’re a good attorney, and you care about the people you represent. Normal for you means coming in early and staying late. Spending extra time researching so you don’t miss the one thing that could make the difference for your client. Developing relationships so it’s easier to make favorable deals. Despite all this, your office

Practicing and Parenting

Make Your Work to Home Office Transition Seamless You’re a modern day lawyer. You’re rocking a career and parenting young children. Managing your roles between lawyer and parent is going seamlessly… until that day when you’re at home and the file you need is at work; or you’re at work and the file due in

Latest Scam is Targeting Your Clients

A new hoax is making its way through the Internet and targeting your clients.  There have been several reports of hackers posing as law firms through email asking the victim to open malicious files.  One of the lessons learned from this latest hoax is to make sure that your clients understand who they should be receiving

What do 40% of Malpractice Claims Have to do With You?

Clients Expect More With Today's Technology Your job as a lawyer is to communicate. You instill confidence in clients by calmly and rationally speaking to them about their matter and how applicable laws can be used to their advantage. You craft engaging, well thought-out arguments to sway jurors – and even judges – over to

Time: Our Most Precious Commodity

Time is our most precious commodity. How are you spending yours? Wingman LegalTech would like to introduce ESQ Assist, an app designed to track billable calls straight from your phone. This app will gather your billable call information and immediately log that information into your billing system. Right now we're working on finalizing the look and

What Kind of Lawyer Are You?: What Your Mobile Device Says

In the 1970s, didn’t they say, ‘You are what you drive?" Now, it’s the smartphone you have that says everything about you. It's a sad, but harsh reality that today's generation may in fact pass judgment on your device. In a survey conducted by Hutch, those with Apple products made up 32 percent of 15,818