In the 1970s, didn’t they say, ‘You are what you drive?” Now, it’s the smartphone you have that says everything about you. It’s a sad, but harsh reality that today’s generation may in fact pass judgment on your device. In a survey conducted by Hutch, those with Apple products made up 32 percent of 15,818 users surveyed in 2011; they seemed to skew older than 35, and were more likely to be female and have a graduate degree than people using other products. Android users, on the other hand, seem to skew more rural (86 percent more likely than iPhone users to live in a rural area), are more likely to vote conservatively (20 percent more than iPhone users) and are 10 percent more likely to be male. What does this all mean? Your devices are noticed. Throw out the flip phones and invest in a smartphone. Your law firm’s technology should be as polished as you are.